About CNP

About Canadian Nuclear Partners

CNP is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ontario Power Generation (OPG), one of the largest power companies in North America. And like our parent company, we believe in safety, integrity, excellence, and people and citizenship.

Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with customers by providing good value and by working with you to meet your goals and targets. Like you, we operate nuclear, hydro and thermal plants. So we understand your practical challenges and can leverage OPG’s decades of expertise to provide practical services and solutions.

CNP’s innovative services will be delivered with a focus on meeting your unique needs.

What we offer

CNP is a committed, full service provider who will safely deliver improved performance in many areas of nuclear, hydroelectric and thermal electricity generation.

Management expertise

  • Project management to provide turn-key services;
  • Leadership in nuclear, hydro and thermal plant operations;
  • Strategic leadership in operations and decision-making;
  • Nuclear regulatory and licensing;
  • Work management and outage management.

Technical and service expertise

  • Innovative inspection tooling development, operation and maintenance;
  • Inspection services (fuel channels, Non Destructive Examination, phased array, specialized troubleshooting, nuclear reactor feeders, piping, heat exchangers, steam generators);
  • Nuclear reactor maintenance (single fuel channel replacement, calandria tube replacement, reactor component troubleshooting, irradiated component transfer, inspection delivery system technical support, pressure tube sampling);
  • Machine dynamics and component integrity (vibration monitoring, diagnostics, balancing and analysis);
  • Plant lifecycle planning;
  • Inspection and maintenance engineering;
  • Nuclear, hydro and thermal plant refurbishment and repurposing;
  • Nuclear, hydro and thermal plant decommissioning;
  • Nuclear waste management;
  • Dive services.

CNP's vision

To be a global leader in servicing and strengthening the electricity generation sector.

CNP's mission

To work with nuclear and power sector industries, in Canada and around the world, to deliver sustainable safety, value for money, operational and human performance excellence.

Guiding values

Safety, Integrity, Excellence, People and Citizenship.