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Canadian Nuclear Partners was established in 2012. Its parent company, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is a publicly-owned, Ontario-based electricity company. One of North America’s largest power producers, OPG owns and operates a fleet of two nuclear power stations with 10 operating units, five thermal power stations and 65 hydroelectric power stations. It also owns two other nuclear power stations which are leased to Bruce Power L.P.

Established in 1999, OPG has built a solid track record of performance excellence, supplying safe and reliable electricity at a low cost. It is also a proven project manager that has delivered a number of complex expansion and rehabilitation initiatives.

OPG uses best practices as the foundation for predictable and efficient project delivery. It focuses on delivering on time and on budget to the highest quality standards while ensuring the safety of all personnel involved.

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Nuclear highlights

OPG Nuclear has a mature managed system that drives performance excellence by balancing sustainability and flexibility. The managed system integrates performance measurement, external benchmarking and promotes continuous improvement.

  • Produces over 18 percent of Ontario’s electricity from Darlington alone;
  • Achieved four consecutive years of the highest possible safety rating;
  • Darlington’s outstanding performance ranks among the top nuclear stations in the world and was internationally recognized in 2012;
  • Darlington and Pickering both reached 12 million hours without a lost time injury;
  • Successfully placed Pickering Units 2 and 3 in a safe shutdown state;
  • Delivered two back-to-back Vacuum Building Outages (2009 and 2010) at Darlington and Pickering;
  • Annually executes over $300 million in nuclear project work;
  • Recognized as an industry leader in Fukushima response launching over a dozen projects to further strengthen plant and public safety;
  • Currently planning and preparing for refurbishment of Darlington Nuclear – one of the continent’s largest, most complex infrastructure renewal projects. This 15-year mega project will add billions of dollars to Ontario’s economy and create 100,000 person years of direct/indirect jobs;
  • Strong waste management record - after thousands of shipments and millions of kilometers transported, not a single gram of radioactive material has ever been released to the environment.
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Hydroelectric and thermal highlights
  • Successfully completed the $1.6 billion - Niagara Tunnel hydroelectric expansion project, which is 12.7 meters in diameter and 10.2 km long;
  • Tunnel’s safety record was twice as good as the industry average;
  • Currently undertaking northern Ontario’s largest hydroelectric project in the past 40 years. The Lower Mattagami project involves redeveloping four existing hydro stations. It employs many First Nations and Métis workers and will add 438 MW of renewable hydropower;
  • Successfully established hydroelectric development partnerships with Moose Cree First and Lac Seul First Nation;
  • Last year, OPG managed over 200 asset improvement projects in Hydro-Thermal Operations – including the successful penstock replacement project at Matabitchuan Generating Station;
  • Commenced construction on the Atikokan Coal to Biomass Conversion Project, which will be the largest capacity 100 percent biomass-fuelled power plant in North America when completed in 2014.
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OPG at a glance

  • Produces more than 50 percent of Ontario’s electricity or 80.3 TWh;
  • Generating capacity of 16,229 MW;
  • Ontario’s low-cost electricity generator;
  • 95 percent of electricity generated with virtually no smog or greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Workplace safety performance consistently one of the best among Canadian electrical utilities;
  • Strong focus on community relations and outreach;
  • Extensive experience working with First Nations and Métis communities; and
  • Named by Corporate Knights as one of Canada’s 50 best corporate citizens for 2013, based on environmental, social and governance indicators as well as on the management of carbon, energy, water usage and waste production.

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