CNP at work

Point Lepreau Return to Service

CNP's first project was to provide support utilising our management, operations, and technical expertise for the return to service of New Brunswick Power's Point Lepreau Generating Station (PLGS). CNP's involvement was a success. As a result, on March 1, 2013, CNP began a multi-year partnership with PLGS to continue providing support. In addition, CNP will begin providing engineering and training services.

Underwater Inspection of the AECL process water plant

In April 2013 CNP divers performed an underwater inspection of the Atomic Energy Canada Limited's (AECL) process water plant. The process water plant takes water from the river. A gate valve is used to isolate the pump house from the river for dewatering and maintenance purposes. The gate valve had been damaged for some time and was not operational. Diving services was contracted to inspect the gate for current state or repair, and to assess potential reasons for the damage. Since an outage was required to perform this inspection, AECL also opted for divers to inspect the travelling screen structure, and pump intakes as well.

Divers performed commercial diving activities using surface supplied air with round robin communications, video and lighting. This allowed for surface monitoring of all diving activities. Site engineering was able to watch and guide the inspections as they were being performed. CNP's dive planning process and work protection knowledge was a key component in minimizing field execution time demands to meet the small outage window. Team experience and knowledge was instrumental in the successful execution of the dive plan.