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Services offered

CNP is ready to work with operators in nuclear, hydroelectric and thermal electricity generation management and operations. Here’s how we can help.

Specialized services such as:

  • Reactor face inspections - feeders and fuel channels;
  • Turbine and balance of plant – phased array ultrasonic testing;
  • Boiler and heat exchanger inspections;
  • Integrated reactor safety services;
  • Performance and testing;
  • Machine dynamics and component integrity;
  • Civil, geotechnical and dam safety services.

Management services such as:

  • Nuclear outage support;
  • Reactor maintenance and lifecycle management;
  • Training program for senior nuclear plant managers;
  • Thermal generation conversions.

Operating services such as:

  • Working with CANDU operators to improve the performance of their facilities;
  • Longer term operation management.

New build, refurbishment and facility repurposing services such as:

  • Supporting expertise for buyers of new build power reactors including technology evaluations, development and licensing requirements;
  • Technical and project management expertise in the planning, training and execution of nuclear refurbishment projects;
  • Technical and project management expertise in thermal conversion projects including coal to gas or biomass.

Waste management and decommissioning support services such as:

  • Decommissioning planning and reactor safe storage;
  • Implementation of vertically integrated waste management systems, which include waste handling, sorting, packaging, volume reduction, as well as extensive transportation storage capability.